4 Expensive Car Repairs That Are Preventable

preventative car maintenance

Avoiding expensive repairs with preventable car maintenance

Preventable maintenance is a necessary and important task for every car on the road, especially when considering how expensive the consequences can be for avoiding preventable maintenance. Every mechanic stresses this and though some warnings fall on deaf ears, the consequences can be rather costly. Here are 4 of the top expensive car repairs that can be preventable with routine maintenance.

Transmission Repair / Replacement
Transmissions are essential to a car and what makes it run smoothly. It is a piece of the drivetrain assembly that ensure the wheels of the car and the engine are in synchronization with one another. Without the transmission, the power of the engine could not be transferred to the wheels of the vehicle. In order to avoid dealing with a transmission repair / replacement, car owners should do the following:

  • Have the transmission fluid checked periodically for low levels or discrepancies in the transmission fluid.
  • Have your transmission serviced regularly as advised by your mechanic.
  • Regularly change the transmission filter if the make and model of your automobile has one that’s accessible.

Timing Belt Change
The timing belt or chain in your vehicle runs the engine camshaft / crankshaft assemblies. It’s responsible for ensuring the valves open and close at the correct time to coincide with the movement of your vehicle’s pistons. Having your timing belt break unexpectedly typically results in severe engine damage and a car that no longer functions. To preserve your car’s engine, save you money and inconvenience, car owner’s should follow these guidelines:

  • Have your mechanic routinely check your vehicle’s timing belt.
  • Have your mechanic follow the suggested replacement of your vehicle’s timing belt.

Cracked Head Gasket
The gasket that sits between the block and the cylinder head is known as the head gasket. The head gasket’s main function is to seal the top and bottom halves of the engine, preventing the oil and coolant that circulates in the engine from mixing. If you notice your engine overheating or begin to smell engine coolant, you may have a cracked head gasket, To prevent a head gasket failure have your mechanic do the following:

  • Maintain the engine coolant at the proper level with the correct mixture according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Regularly test the condition of the coolant as to maintain it’s effectiveness.
  • Never let the engine overheat.

Camshaft Replacement
The camshaft is a critical part of an engine’s combustion system. Camshafts open and close valves in the cylinder head and the flow of air into the engine. If problems occur with a camshaft it will effect your car’s performance and can damage the engine. To prevent this costly repair you should do the following:

  • Have your mechanic perform regular oil changes with quality oil.

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