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In order for you and your family to be safe on the road, it is essential for you to be able to trust and rely on your vehicle’s braking system. With our years of experience, Metro Transmission Inc. is able to provide the San Marcos area with exceptional brake repair service.

It is important to bring your vehicle in at the first sign of unusual noises, wheel shaking, or any type of grinding while applying your brake pedal. The longer you wait to repair your vehicle, the more likely the chances are of creating further damage to your rotors and other components.

An In-depth Look At Our Brake Repair Service

Our trained and certified technicians are experienced in working with all makes and models, and we are confident we can handle your brake issues. In order to determine the condition of your current brake system, we first perform a full inspection of your vehicle. One of our trained technicians will perform a full visual inspection of your brake system, and will also perform a driving test to determine the condition of your current braking components.

In order for us to deliver the best possible brake repair service, we believe it is essential to know your brake system condition and possible solutions to any problem. Our technicians will walk you through all of your options and we will work with you to determine the safest and most effective choice for you and your situation.

Metro Transmission Inc. is ASE Certified and trained in the following areas of brake repair service and replacement.

After we replace and repair the worn parts of your braking system, our certified technician will personally take your car out for a test drive to test the replacements. We believe in seeing each job through from start to finish, ensuring maximum quality and custom service to each client. After the test drive we do one last check on the braking components we replaced or repaired, and then we get you and your vehicle safely back on the road.

If you are unsure about when your vehicle needs brake repair service, click here to find out or stop by our location and we will be more than happy to answer any questions for you.

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