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As we all know, a summer in North San Diego County without air conditioning can make for a miserable ride home. At Metro Transmission and Automotive, we can keep the inside temperature of your vehicle comfortable with our heating and air conditioning services. We have the technology and equipment available to detect any leaks or blockages in your heating and air system, as well as the experience to replace or repair any defective parts.

With nearly 40 years of experience, we have the skills needed to ensure that the manufacturer recommendations are met when repairing or replacing any of the elements of your heating and air conditioning system.

vehicle heating and ac repair

Heating Services Tests

Our trained and certified technicians are experienced in working with all makes and models, and we are confident we can handle your brake issues. In order to determine the condition of your current brake system, we first perform a full inspection of your vehicle. One of our trained technicians will perform a full visual inspection of your brake system, and will also perform a driving test to determine the condition of your current braking components.

In order for us to deliver the best possible brake repair service, we believe it is essential to know your brake system condition and possible solutions to any problem. Our technicians will walk you through all of your options and we will work with you to determine the safest and most effective choice for you and your situation.

Metro Transmission Inc. is ASE Certified and trained in the following areas of brake repair service and replacement.

Air Conditioning Services Test

Once we have inspected all elements associated with the heating and cooling system, we determine which, if any, parts need to be replaced. We will provide you with a quote on those parts and labor, which will be installed by our ASE Certified technicians. We follow all manufacture recommendations when replacing or repairing your heating and cooling elements. Once the damaged parts have been repaired we will recharge the system with the proper freon to the required amount. After the repairs and recharge are complete, we perform a full heating and AC test to ensure your system is working to the optimum level.

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