5 Transmission Problems You Can’t Afford To Ignore

5 Transmission Problems That Require Your Immediate Attention

The transmission in your vehicle is an intricate and essential system that requires proper care and maintenance. While there’s no way to completely avoid a breakdown, a preventative maintenance schedule is a great way to lower the chance of costly repairs. Luckily, most vehicles are equipped with warning systems and indicators to notify the driver before a major malfunction takes place. Some of these warning signs are easy to identify, while others not so much. The experts at Metro Transmission and Automotive have created a list of transmission problems that should never go untreated.

5 Common Transmission Warning Signs

  • Check Engine Light
  • Can’t Shift Gears
  • Burning Smell While Driving
  • Grinding or Rough Shifting
  • Leaking Transmission Fluid

Check Engine Light
This is your car’s most reliable line of defense, and should always be taken seriously. A check engine light can have various meanings, one of which is an issue with your transmission. Some vehicles have a separate engine and transmission dash light, so check your vehicle manual to determine if yours does as well. The best option is to bring your vehicle into a certified auto repair shop to have the problem properly diagnosed.

Can’t Shift Gears
If your vehicle is unable to shift gears this is a sign of a serious transmission problem and needs to be checked by a mechanic near you. Even if the problem is sporadic or happened only once, proper inspection and diagnostic are recommended. Beyond the potential threat of further damage and costly repairs, a transmission failure can lead to a dangerous situation on the road for you and other drivers on the road.

Burning Smell While Driving
A burning smell coming from your vehicle is never good and can be a sign of a problem within your transmission. When transmission fluid becomes old and worn out, it can create a foul burning smell when it overheats. This is obviously a problem for a trained professional to diagnose, and you should bring your car in to a local repair shop for diagnostics.

Grinding or Rough Shifting
If you notice your vehicle grinding or having difficulty when changing gears, you’re likely experiencing the beginning stages of clutch or transmission failure. Grinding between gears is far more likely in a manual transmission than an automatic transmission but can happen in both. The transmission in your vehicle is made up of numerous moving gears and small pieces, and it is impossible to determine the source of the problem without professional diagnostics.

Leaking Transmission Fluid
Any time there is fluid leaking from your car is a cause for concern, especially if the fluid is engine oil or transmission fluid. A quick way to determine the source of a leak is to identify the color of the fluid. If it is bright red, it is likely a transmission leak. Dark or brown fluid is typically engine oil. A certified technician will be able to diagnose the leak.

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