5 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Transmission

Extend The Life Of Your Transmission

Your transmission is one of the most critical components of your car. It’s responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels, which allows your car to move. With a properly functioning transmission, your car will go anywhere.

That’s why taking care of your transmission and extending its life as much as possible is essential. 

Extend The Life Of Your Transmission With These 5 Tips

1. Get regular transmission fluid changes

Transmission fluid is essential for lubricating and cooling the transmission. Over time, transmission fluid breaks down and loses its effectiveness. Old or broken down fluid can lead to transmission problems, such as slipping gears and overheating.

According to your car’s owner’s manual, changing your transmission fluid regularly is vital. Most vehicles need their transmission fluid changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

2. Avoid towing heavy loads

Towing heavy loads puts a lot of strain on your transmission. If you need to tow something, ensure it’s within your car’s towing capacity. And, if you’re hauling for a long distance, take breaks to rest the transmission.

3. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking

Sudden acceleration and braking put unnecessary stress on your transmission. Try to accelerate and brake smoothly and gradually.

4. Have your transmission inspected regularly

Even if you follow the above tips, having your transmission routinely checked by a qualified mechanic is still important. This will help identify potential problems early on before they cause severe damage.

Additional tips to extend the life of your transmission

  • Keep your engine cool. A hot engine can cause your transmission to overheat. Ensure your cooling system is in good working order and you use the correct coolant.
  • Avoid driving in extreme conditions. Extreme heat or cold can put stress on your transmission. If you must drive in extreme conditions, try to do so only for short periods.
  • Fix any leaks immediately. Transmission fluid leaks can lead to overheating and other problems. If you notice any leaks, have them repaired immediately.

By following these tips, you can help extend the life of your transmission and keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

Metro Transmission and Automotive Can Help Extend The Life of Your Transmission

If you have any questions about your transmission or need to schedule a transmission service, please contact Metro Transmission and Automotive in San Marcos, CA. We are an AAA-approved facility with ASE-certified mechanics specializing in transmission repair and service. We offer various services, including transmission fluid changes, flushes, and rebuilds. We also provide a warranty on our work.

Contact us today for a free consultation!


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