Mechanic Perspective: Buying A Used Car

When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle there are many things you need to think about. From checking the safety ratings and reviews of other drivers to making sure all of the features work properly before purchasing one, it can be overwhelming! 

5 Tips For Buying A Used Vehicle

Buying a new car can be stressful. So the pros at Metro have created a list of 5 tips for buying a used vehicle, so that you know what steps to take when looking for your next vehicle.

Steps to Take Before Purchasing a Used Car or Truck

  • Research Vehicle Options
  • Test Drive
  • Check Safety Rating
  • Vehicle History Report
  • Test Vehicle Features

Research The Vehicles You Are Considering Purchasing

Knowing what’s available in your area is a huge step in the right direction when purchasing a used vehicle. From checking out reviews of other drivers to finding safety ratings, you will have everything that you need at your fingertips so that purchasing a vehicle will be easy and hassle-free! Create a pro and con list of your top choices based on the features most important to you, and find which vehicle best fits your needs.

Test Drive The Vehicle

It’s hard to know if you like a vehicle without driving it. This is why we recommend asking for a test drive before purchasing the vehicle so that you can see how well it runs and if there are any problems or concerns with its performance. You spend more time driving the vehicle than looking at it, so it’s important to know if you like how it feels while driving. 

Check Safety Ratings and Reviews

Safety is often the number one priority when buying a new or used vehicle. That is why we recommend checking out safety ratings and reviews from other drivers to see what problems, if any, the vehicle is known to have.

Get A Vehicle History Report

It’s always good to know if there are any accidents or problems with the vehicle’s past.  That is why we recommend getting a vehicle history report to see what problems, if any, it has had and whether you should go ahead with purchasing it. There are numerous companies out there, such as Carfax, that can provide you with a detailed report of the vehicle’s history. 

Test Out Vehicle Features

There’s nothing worse than purchasing a vehicle and then realizing that it doesn’t have all of the features you need or want. That is why we recommend making sure that all of the features work properly before purchasing one so there are no surprises later on down the road! Test the heating and AC, signals and lights, and essentially anything that can be controlled from the dash. 

Mechanic Tips For Buying A Used Car

The reality is there will always be risks associated with purchasing a used vehicle. The more aware you are of these potential risks and how to spot them, the better your chances of purchasing a vehicle that will last for years. 


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