5 Keys to Finding the Best Auto Repair Shop

A short guide to finding the best auto repair shop

It’s a common belief amongst most people: an honest repair shop is hard to find! In an industry where most people don’t know the difference between a rod and a piston, it’s easy to pull the wool over the consumer’s eyes. Whether it be by overcharging for parts, or the extra billable hours due to a shop not having the most up to date diagnostic tools, overcharging happens far too often. Now of course not every automotive repair shop is out to pull one over on their customers, but it can be difficult to determine which auto repair shop is best for you. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the top ways to tell if your next auto repair shop is the right one for you.

Reputation and Reviews

In the year 2019, it’s not all that difficult to find valuable and trustworthy information about a potential repair shop online. Google, Yelp and Facebook are all valuable tools when it comes to researching your next auto repair shop. Read through customer reviews and look for trends or common experiences in different reviews. It’s impossible for a business to make 100% of their customers happy, so look to see how they respond to negative reviews. If you like what you see from their online presence, there’s a good chance you will also have a positive experience.


There are multiple types of certifications a technician can receive through formal training, and few are as important as a National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification. In order to qualify for ASE certification, applicants must pass a written test and meet multiple requirements. Once certified, technicians must also pass a written test every 5 years to maintain certification. Today’s vehicles are essentially large computers on wheels, and it’s important for your technician to be up to date and certified in repairing them.

Do They Provide a Warranty?

One of the best ways to separate a trustworthy repair shop from a non-trustworthy shop is by how they stand behind their work. According to the Federal Trade Commission there is not a “standard repair warranty”, so make sure you fully understand the terms and can get the warranty in writing. Never be afraid to ask additional questions about your auto repair warranty!

Can They Speak Your Language?

When it comes to finding a repair shop you can trust, it’s important you understand what they are telling you about your vehicle. Oftentimes technicians explain repairs from a technical standpoint, leaving the customer feeling confused or intimidated to ask questions about the work. It’s essential for your car repair person to be able to thoroughly answer your questions and break down their services in a way you understand.

The Price Is Right. Or is it?

There are times when the most important factor in deciding on a repair is price, but not necessarily when it comes to choosing the best or most trustworthy auto repair facility. Various elements can factor into a shop’s pricing and doesn’t always have a direct impact on the quality of work or customer service.
Sometimes a shop specializes in specific repairs and can offer a more competitive pricing for that service than competitors. There are a ton of factors that go into a shop’s pricing scale, so ask questions and compare quotes before making a final decision.

When it comes to finding the perfect shop, there may be more factors you need to consider before making a final decision. The items listed above are just a short guide to help point you in the right direction, and your choice really comes down to what’s best for you. If you have any questions on our transmission repair services, give us a call Monday – Friday from 7 AM – 5:30 PM. We hope this guide helps you on finding an auto repair shop you can trust!

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